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For cases where you need extra support for unforeseen challenges that may come your way, MetLife ExtraMed is your best ally.

This is a program that supports the cost of hospitalization and recovery for you and your loved ones, tailored to your needs and financial capabilities.

Enabling the increase of nursing benefits at an affordable cost, ExtraMed includes a package of benefits to deal with emergency expenses due to illness or accident in hospitals or at home, in Cyprus or abroad.

Key Features:

  • The premium is automatically adjusted every five years
  • Lifetime plan
  • Insurance for people aged 18 and over
  • Insurance for dependent children aged 3 months


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Coverage is provided for treatment worldwide with the condition that the permanent residence of the insured is Cyprus, unless otherwise provided by a specific plan.

The premium is an annual advance unless payment has been agreed in installments and must be paid on the due date, or at the latest before the 31-day grace period for the payment of the premium expires.

The premium is paid by direct debit of a bank account, via credit cards, online or by deposit in designated bank accounts of the Company.

The insurance starts on the date of writing the application, provided that the company has accepted it and the first installment of the premiums has been paid.

Coverage is provided after the first 30 days from the start of any hospital treatment or surgery for any illness, after 180 days in the case of hospitalization abroad and after 12 months from the start - for specific illnesses mentioned in the insurance policy.

.The coverage ends with the death of the insured, or in case of cancellation of the insurance policy, or at the specified expiration age, or at the specified expiration date, or in case of untimely and invalid payment of the insurance premium or in case of violation of one or more terms of the insurance policy.


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