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Individual and Group Medical Policies




  • You can submit your Claim by sending the necessary supporting documents (completed and signed compensation form, receipts, referrals, etc.) electronically to
  • For questions regarding our Affiliated Network of Hospitals and Medical Treatment, please contact
  • For information regarding our Affiliated Network of Hospitals, Doctors or Diagnostic Centers, you can find the list of our Network Clinics here


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You can submit any request mentioned in your insurance policy, directly to the sales office that serves you or to your insurance intermediary.

For requests regarding the following issues, please contact

  1. Contract Changes
  2. Contract Cancellations
  3. Terminations of Contracts
  4. Loans
  5. Total Purchases of Con
  6. tracts
  7. Some Contract Acquisitions
  8. Contract Assignments
  9. Contract Statements
  10. Banking service

For Data Update / Overdue Checks contact

For the Renewal of Insurance Policy in "MetPremier" contact

Any other question or request of yours can be submitted electronically, via the email address

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You can submit any request for additions/terminations/changes to the Group Policy via the Policyholder representative, and your insurance agent.

To enroll a new member kindly to complete the Group insurance enrollment form,  both by the member applying and the employer or its representative (i.e. HR). For any changes of existing members i.e terminations to submit the "Notice of changes to group policy" by the Policyholder rep. The submission of any form to MetLife should not exceed 30 days from the date of signature by the employee and policyholder rep.

Approved Forms will be processed when all the required documents are sent to the following email address: Original documents should be sent for archiving purposes to the head offices of our company in a sealed envelope.

For any requests, and/or further communication please submit an email to the above address or contact your agent/broker/HR.

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You can submit all requests regarding the Marketing & Communication Department electronically to

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You can submit all requests regarding the following issues electronically to


  • Contract Premium Payments
  • Premium Due Date
  • Premium Tax Certificates


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You can submit all sales support requests electronically to

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You can submit all requests regarding the Evaluation and Issuance of Individual Contracts electronically to the email address