Term Life

Term Life

Simple Life Insurance offers insurance coverage to the Insured and consequently protection to his family.


In case of loss of life of the insured due to illness or accident, before the expiration date of the insurance, MetLife pays the beneficiaries the coverage capital. Coverage is guaranteed and remains unchanged throughout the life of the insurance.

What Needs does it cover?

The sudden death of an income-generating person can have significant financial consequences for his family and therefore upset family financial planning. Simple Security can be used for:

  • Repayment of regular family obligations (Living expenses, housing or consumer loans, credit cards, etc.),
  • The repayment of the family's extraordinary obligations (expenses for hospitalization, burial of the deceased, etc.)
  • The smooth continuation of the children's studies.

Significant Advantages of the Program:

  • Low cost in relation to the amount of coverage provided,
  • Ability to adapt the program to your personal needs (coverage, insurance duration),
  • Possibility to choose additional supplementary coverage in order to have insurance coverage,
  • Possibility to pay the premium in annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly installments,
  • Exemption of insurance premiums in accordance with the current tax legislation

The above applies in accordance with the Terms of the Insurance Policy



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