Everything about COVID-19

Our priority is the safety of all of us. We are always by your side.

Precautionary measures taken by MetLife against COVID-19 virus

At MetLife, our absolute priority is above all the protection of our employees and our partners, but at the same time your uninterrupted service.

In this context, we have a ready and recently revised Business Continuity Plan, which, in case of crises, such as this one, is activated, ensuring the smooth operation of the business and our immediate response to your needs.

We have already taken the following steps in this direction:

  • Establishment of a CMT (Crisis Management Team) for Cyprus, which is in constant contact with the respective MetLife Overseas Team.
  • Continuous information of our employees and associates about the prevention measures, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Medical Services & Public Health Services (TI & YDY).
  • Implementation of preventive measures related to the daily disinfection of our workplaces.
  • Preventive disinfection in the premises of our headquarters
  • Cessation of trips inside and outside Cyprus.
  • Promotion of the Tele-work program ("Work from Home") for our employees.
  • Granting special purpose permits to childcare workers, implementing the relevant Legislative Content Act
  • Replacement of meetings with teleconferences, both inside the company and outside, with our customers / partners.

In addition, we are constantly monitoring developments and adapting our operation to them immediately, so that all the decisions we make ensure the optimal operation of our company.

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