Small Group Packages

Small Group Packages

With a focus on group care


Why Group Insurance 

  • Investing in Human Resources for higher productivity and efficiency
  • Increasing Trust and Faith in the company
  • Protecting the Standard of Living of the employees and their families
  • Strengthening Trust in Company
  • Covering the uncertainty employees are facing
  • Developing attractive remuneration packages
  • Creating a give and take situation
  • Verifying the interest of the company in the long-term interests of its employees
  • Recruiting and attaining skillful employees, working for the company's success
  • Strengthening the income of its employees at retirement
  • Creating a comparative advantage due to good Human Resources Management


Life Cover

In case of Loss of Life due to any cause,  the Company will pay the beneficairies the amount stated in the Table of benefits

Total Permanent Disability

Total Permanent Disability due to Accident or Sickness

Accidental Death

In case of Loss of Life due to accident, the company will pay the beneficiaries the amount stated in the Table of Benefits.

In case of Total Permanent Disability for work due to Accident or Sickness, the company will pay beneficiaies the amount stated in the Table of Benefits


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